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Satish BG launches “Belagavi Varadi” newspaper

The Belagavi Varadi Kannada daily newspaper Launched in Belagavi by Senior Journalist Satish BG

The Belagavi Varadi newspaper Team says that the title is targeted at “lapsed readers of quality newspapers,” and those of “all ages who want a comprehensive digest of the news in printed form.”

“We are creating a newspaper for the 21st century that is designed for people who have a thirst for information and entertainment in the limited time that they have available. i is a reader-led newspaper with broad reach and intelligence,” he adds.

Belagavi Varadi, a New Kannada Daily NewsPaper, has been launched with a promise to provide audiences with “an Trusted News Reading Experience”.

“Belagavi Varadi” has decided to give the daily news specials to the readers by focusing on strong content in good quality.

Satish Basavani Gudagenatti (Satish BG), Senior Editor of Belagavi Varadi, said that the newspaper will be circulated throughout the Belgaum district, including Bangalore, from 20 October 2020. The Belagavi Varadi’s name states that the newspaper will keep most of its news coverage on Belgaum.

He said the newspaper’s objective is to keep track of taluk news in the Belgaum district and to deliver high quality news without any flaws in news coverage.

Satish Raj Goravigere, the co-editor of the newspaper, said that the Belgaum report was a day-long dream. New writers have free opportunity. He said writers can use it as a platform for their writing.

Editor-in-chief Satish Basavani Gudagenatti said, “The press team has made it possible for new articles and phrases to be appealing to the readers’ articles, without even copying the names of any other magazine.

senior journalists, reporters, social workers and authors was attended for The event. the first edition of the magazine release.